We are family that has raised, reared and educated by art. Family who lived with art with all the ups and downs, with all the rejections and acceptances that such a life brings.

We grew up in the atelier - an invaluable and beautiful lifelong experience of growing up in the area of the constant creation of art that human form in a certain, slightly different way.

All of these experiences led us to one idea - how to share this art with the world, without much hesitation, enjoying this journey on every step of the way, regardless of ups and downs.

It is time to return our debt to art and now we share this art with you.

Who is human in its essence and what is the true meaning of our lives in this world.

This and many other questions and thoughts are woven into every artwork of our father, exposing the weakness of human in its moments of denudation in the midst of life's trials and confrontation with itself, or in search of its alter ego, dreaming at the same time on the strength that only few can offer.

Take your time, look at sculpture or oil on canvas, and allow them to tell you their story, let them invite you to their world of witnesses for the eternal moment in which the universes are captured.

Our father has devoted his life to art uncompromisingly. For more than a half of century he devoted himself to the continuous reflection on life (at the age of 13 he left his home to seek his art) and the introspection of his own struggle (continually re-examining his own value) conveying these states, with the mighty more than forty years of support of his wife Marija, in creating the art that has passed the exam of time.

We (sons, Marko and Ivan-Josip) do not want to sound pretentious, but we can safely say - please yourself; enrich your life with artworks of Josip Konta  in which are imprinted decades of uncompromising dedication to art!

Marko and Ivan-Josip

Marko, Josip and Ivan-Josip

Josip and Marija

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